Let’s bake and break some bread together!


The Classroom by La Folie, Shakti Mills Lane, Upper Worli, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Rs. 4,500.00 per person



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Feb 29 | 9am- 6pm | Love that crackling crumb and pillowy soft country bread you had the last time you travelled? Baking sourdough bread is a labour of love. This is how breads have been made since forever. Naturally leavened and undergoing a slow fermentation, it is one of the healthiest breads around. It is part of the slow foods movement. You will learn about making and maintaining a sourdough starter. Each of you will make a basic country boule. You will also learn to make sourdough crackers, a sourdough sandwich loaf, and focaccia. I will also talk about the health aspects of sourdough and why it is better than all the yeasted breads. What you will learn -All about the Sourdough starter -Classic country boule -Sourdough crackers -Sourdough sandwich loaf -Focaccia

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Dr Chandini Sethi Shah is a surgeon by profession and bitten by the bug of baking and sourdough breads. She is very passionate about these breads and their health benefits.
Always on a quest to make the perfect loaf, she has learnt from various experts in India and abroad.