Play with up-to-date modern flavours, techniques, shapes and decorations to create glamorous looking French pastries

About this experience

March 20 & 21 | 10am- 4pm | This class is designed for students who are passionate and attracted to the art of modern French pastries, and want to know the well-kept secrets of these glamorous looking desserts. Over the two days of this hands-on class, you will learn upto 5 different creations, each one highlighting its unique personal style that has given La Folie its recognition. Using the basic fundamentals of the French pastry bases, we will play with up-to-date modern flavours, techniques, shapes and decorations. Through this class, you will enjoy making new recipes that are a delight to the eyes and the palate.

What you will learn:

- Upto 5 recipes, including vegetarian recipes and substitution

- How to create mousse based desserts and high tea cakes

- Mirror glazing and texture colour glazing

- Chocolate Garnishes

- Cocoa butter Spraying

- Assembling the desserts and making its components

- Techniques for home or commercial use

Sample Recipes:

- Berries, chocolate, earl grey

- Gianduja praline, citrus fruits, dacquoise

- Philadelphia Chantilly, seasonal fruits, lemons

Note: The class is fully hands-on and will be conducted for 6 hours per day on March 20th and 21st. The recipes are subject to change.

*Light lunch and refreshments will be provided*