Learn the recipes and formulations of how to make slow fermented sourdough bread and understanding baker’s math.


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About this experience

April 30th - May 1st | 2pm- 6pm |
In our interactive-demo style online bakery class, you will learn recipes and formulations of how to make slow fermented sourdough bread and understanding baker’s math. Participants will be taught how to make a sourdough starter from scratch along with the theory and the approach towards fermentation cycle, understanding variability and importance of hydrating the dough will also be covered. Additionally, tips will be shared of using the leftover starter to make simple sourdough snacks like crackers. Gluten free sourdough bread will also be taught.

Techniques you will learn: -
- How to make a healthy starter/culture
- How to build and maintain the starter/culture
- Baker’s math
- Gluten free substitution

What you will learn: Approx. 7-8 breads
- Country loaf
- Sourdough Baguette / mini demi charcoal baguette
- Madras curry sourdough brioche knot with sesame and mulgapodi paste
- Bi-colour sourdough with purple wheat, and mix seeds
- Gluten free sourdough / cereal gluten free
- Potato or yam flavoured sourdough bread with feta and olives
- Pesto and sundried tomato pain au levain
- Truffle and cream cheese sourdough boules
- Onion seed and garlic lavash with left over starter.

This online class will be conducted on Zoom.
Participants will receive all necessary information on their registered email address once they sign up for a class.
A recipe PDF will be provided to all participants upto TWO HOURS BEFORE the class before the class.
Sourdough starter table will be provided to participants 20days prior to class.
Recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients.
In case of any queries, reach out to us on theclassroom@lafolie.in

Your Host

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As the Creative Director and Executive Chef at La Folie, Sanjana helms the luxury chocolate boutique La Folie Du Chocolate and La Folie Lab – the brand’s café bistro in Bandra. Having graduated in Food Management from London and Chocolate Technology in Germany, she was selected at École Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris, a reputed pastry and chocolate art school.

At 22, Sanjana started as an apprentice at Pierre Hermé. After stints with talents such as Jean-Charles Rochoux, Patrick Roger and Olivier Bajard, she donned the role of the Chief of Chocolate Production under Chef Camille Lesecq at Hotel Le Meurice. She moved on to Hotel Plaza Athénée in the Dorchester Collection, under Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Alain Ducasse. Over the years, she has received national and global accolades. She was crowned India’s Pastry Queen in 2015 and ranked as the 4th Best Pastry Chef globally at the World Pastry Queen Competition in 2016.