We invite you to our first tailored dessert night conceptualised by Chef Sanjana Patel.


The Classroom by La Folie, Shakti Mills Lane, Upper Worli, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Rs. 950.00 per person


1h 45min

About this experience

The first season of the 22.00 Hours series will delve into the inspirational journey of the finest origin cacao bean, and its stages of transformation into a chocolate bar and unique delicacies.

Paying homage to different stages such as The Harvest of the Pod, Fermentation, Roasting, Refinement and Tempered chocolate bar, the white plate will be used as a blank canvas to depict the different flavour nuances, textures and temperatures.

In this unique form of presentation, we will be using seasonal fresh organic fruits, herbs and other raw and naturally occurring ingredients and pairing them at each stage of the process. Lastly, there will be a tasting session of different origins of pure real chocolate with different cycles of ageing. Through our dessert bar service night, we strive to shape a memorable experience and leave a lasting impression.

The menu will include a multiple course dessert experience with a welcome drink and amuse bouche.

Your Host

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It is the hour for cravings, the hour for indulgence and the hour for desserts. As we've embarked the adventurous journey of craft chocolate making from Bean to Bar, we'd like to invite you to 22.00 Hours, our first tailored dessert night conceptualised by Chef Sanjana Patel. This unique experience pushes the boundaries of creativity, decadence and the ordinary to unleash a sensorial extravaganza. Delve into the inspirational journey of the finest origins of cacao bean, and inspired dessert course reflecting the stages of the cacao fruit transformation into a chocolate bar, and unique delicacies. We hope you can join us for a sensational evening at our Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory Cafe.