This module will provide the foundation to replicating beautiful tarts in your own kitchens. Combining traditional French techniques and the latest innovations in patisserie, you'll be shown how to make the ultimate pastry base as well as a range of fillings from ganache and crémeux to meringue. Familiarise yourself with the theory and basics then practice your skills in our hands-on environment. You will take home a selection of your creations to enjoy with your family and friends. What you will learn: - How to create the perfect pastry shell - Professional glazing - Range of sweet and savoury fillings - New and innovative products - Techniques for home or commercial use. All ingredients and equipment will be provided
This module is a masterclass for 2-3 days with a hands-on interactive session on learning and perfecting the skills of making French desserts, entremets and cakes spearheaded by Chef Sanjana, she will teach you the basics of creating stunning french entremets and the intricate layers and textures that make a good dessert, including the process of recipe formulation to create your own flavours and textures in your home kitchens. This particular module covers some of the classic french desserts along with unique creations that are at the heart of La Folie's desserts innovation.
In our hands-on class you will learn the techniques of making french desserts with vegetarian ingredients. This module focuses on covering basic fundamentals and a wide variety of creations right from desserts, tarts, plated desserts, eggless macarons and confections such as caramels, pate de fruits jujubes will be demonstrated. This particular module is suited for all those who want to dive into vegetarian baking and want to understand ingredient alternatives.
Take a tour of world gastronomic dessert creations with Chef Sanjana and her assistant chefs. This module is handson and teaches you the art of preparing unique desserts from different cuisines and cultures. Be it Classic Italian Pastry or English high tea cakes and American bakes , You will learn how to use traditional techniques to create stunning desserts.
Learn the art of making fusion desserts combining them with traditional Indian flavours and presenting them in a unique modern way. This module covers an interesting thought process and teaches flavour pairings to create that wow factor for your next dinner party at home, Chef Sanjana and her team of assistant pastry chefs will teach you recipes that will help create an everlasting impression on all your guests.
Learn the art of plating artistic desserts, combining traditional, modern and deconstructed techniques to create stunning plates for your next dinner party. In this interactive hands on class, Chef Sanjana Patel will share her tips, tricks and know how to make components to create texturally sound creations that come together on a plate. topics on molecular gastronomy will also be taught right from the use of nitrogen to specifications along with using smoking and vaporizing techniques. This module is best suited to amateur chefs who are looking to improve their knowledge base and skill set.
Nowadays to be a good pastry Chef means much more than being able to create delicious and visually stunning products. You need to be able to transform your best recipes in healthier versions for those customers with allergies and restricted diets: gluten free, keto or vegan. In this module you will be explained the theory of substitutions, along with a skill set to carry out the creative process and how to develop your desserts and other variety of baked products and confections.
In this module you will learn u the basics of ice cream formulation and the science behind the ingredients, like the importance of sugars, stabilizers and dairy products along with substitutions for different dietary restrictions, the classes in this module will range from learning how to make homemade icecreams and sorbets using a stand mixer with dry ice or then learn with profesional equipments in level 2. Level 2 will accommodate ice cream cakes and desserts. Overall in this module a wide variety of ice creams, sorbet and frozen desserts will be made in this hands on Class, including vegan ice cream, mini magnum bars, ice cream sandwiches and of course exotic flavour pairings with inclusions.