Nowadays to be a good pastry Chef means much more than being able to create delicious and visually stunning products. You need to be able to transform your best recipes into healthier versions for those customers with allergies and restricted diets: gluten free, keto or vegan. In this module you will be explained the theory of substitutions, along with a skill set to carry out the creative process and how to develop your desserts and other variety of baked products and confections.
One can develop healthy eating habits by developing healthy cooking habits. Our brunch class curriculum is designed to teach you how to make easy and healthy brunch recipes like scrumptious buckwheat pancakes, healthy brunch bowls, variety of eggs, tartine and more. Bring along a friend, parent, colleague or partner and learn how to whip up delicious brunch specialties and develop a new skill.
This module will help you understand basic Ayurvedic principles. Taught by a certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist, you will learn how to make wholesome meals centered around seasonal and fresh local produce like whole grains, seasonal vegetables and homegrown herbs. This class will also help you understand your mind and body better and learn to feed it what is hearthy, nutritious and soulful.
If you’ve adapted to a Keto diet or have turned Vegan or just avoiding gluten for a healthier gut, then this module is a perfect pick for you. These interactive one day cooking classes curated by professional chefs and nutritionist will cover interesting new recipes to add to your routine and teach you substitutions for cooking quick delicious recipe that you are bound to love, without spending hours in the kitchen.