Through our one day class, you will learn the ins and outs of food photography, how to take stunning photographs with the right techniques using simple gear. Divided into two levels, this class will give you a better understanding of food styling, the different types of lighting, camera angles, shadows, frames and set ups and the equipment required.
Smartphones these days are capable of competing with professional camera bodies and lens system to empower an individual to take stunning shots using whats available to them. Through this module you will understand the various modes you can shoot images in, how to frame them, how to modify the window light and edit the images using free phone softwares.
In our one day of content creation class, participants will learn how to create content for online and digital platforms. The module will cover topics of how to create engaging content, coming up with new content ideas, designing and maintaining brand aesthetic, creating a unique brand identity, caption writing, hash-tagging, how to drive engagement/sales online and collaborate the right way.