Turn your hobby into a profession with our basic Level 1 one day chocolate making class. In this module you will learn the fundamentals of tempering milk, dark and white chocolate. You will also learn techniques of moulding chocolate, creating chocolate garnishes, chocolate bands and sculpted chocolate flowers using simple tools, carving techniques and OHP sheets. Additionally, you will learn how to make garnish creations like chocolate flowers.
For home bakers and aspiring chocolatiers who want to further hone their skills, this module will teach you how to create fusion and experimental flavour combinations in your home kitchens. You will start by learning the basics i.e. tempering of milk, dark and white chocolate, which will then be used to create delicious variants of chocolate, including bonbons, truffles and ganaches with a festive / seasonal twist. Few of our popular classes include festive Diwali chocolates and festive Christmas chocolates.
This module will teach you the art of tempering Belgian chocolate to make hand painted and traditional moulded chocolates, hand rolled truffles, beautifully piped praline creams and more. Through this one day class you will also master the basics of making traditional marzipan confections, layered ganaches, mendiants and truffles using various techniques.
This module is a masterclass for 2-3 days with a hands-on interactive session on the process and theory of making chocolate and enhancing your knowledge of flavour profiles. You will learn a little about fermentation and the tree to bean process. This class will help you understand the roasting profiles of cocoa beans and the processes of winnowing, grinding, refining and tempering to make real couverture chocolate. This module will also teach you how to pair chocolate with additional ingredients to make inclusions.