This module covers Level 1 and Level 2 masterclasses for 2-3 days with a hands-on interactive session on the basics of Viennoiserie, including how to make croissants, danishes, brioches. This module will give you a better understanding of lamination techniques, baking and proving doughs. You will also learn the techniques for making regional nordic lamination and yeasted doughs and master flavourings for a variety of modern viennoiserie.
Baking sourdough is a labour of love that requires time and patience. In our sourdough bread baking module we cover 2 levels both basics and intermediate. You will learn the theory and art of making sourdough starters along with feeding them. Topics related to making pre ferments and levains such as Biga and Poolish will be covered with a thorough understanding of how to do baker's math. You will also master the technique of cold fermentation for making naturally leavened sourdough and learn how to shape, score and bake a batard like a professional baker.
This module will take you over the fundamentals of baking bread. In our interactive one day baking class, you will learn the art of making and kneading bread dough along with shaping, scoring and proofing it, and use this in different formats. It will also help you understand what type of flours to use and how to customise bread flavours to make sweet yeasted doughs or savoury bakes in your own home kitchens.