phirni recipe

Phirni Mousse

  • La Folie
  • 22 May, 2020


Sugar: 7 g
Whipping Cream: 100 g
Agar Agar: 1.5 g
Ready made Phirni: 100 g
Chopped toasted Almonds: 13 g
Chopped Pistachio: 13 g
Chopped cashews: 5 g
Cardamom powder: A pinch
Saffron strands: A drop
Orange blossom water (optional): 10 ml


-In a sauce pan warm cream. Add sugar and agar agar when the cream starts to simmer boil.
-Whisk continuously, until the cream thickens.
-Blend the cream base with a hand blender. Add saffron strands, pour into a bowl and let it cool in the fridge.
-Once cold, whip up the agar agar cream base with a whisk until light and fluffy.
-Fold the whipped cream into the phirni and chopped nuts along with orange blossom water. Mould the phirni mousse in a cylindrical mould or set into a shot glass.

Pistachio Tuile Ingredients:

Milk: 25 g
Butter: 50 g
Glucose: 25 g
Sugar: 65 g
Jam pectin: 1.5 g
Lightly toasted almond
and pistachio chopped: 70 g
All purpose flour: 13 g


-Heat milk, butter and glucose till lukewarm.
-Add sugar & pectin, cook to 112C on a candy thermometer.
-Fold in the flour and nuts. Spread the batter very thin around 2mm thickness on the silicon mat.
-Cool down for 5-10 mins in the fridge.
-Bake at 160c for 8-10mins.
-Cut into different sizes to decorate.

Boondhi Caviar Ingredients:

Honey: 43 g
Water: 30 g
Saffron strands: 1-1.5 nos
Agar agar: 1/2 g
Cold vegetable oil like canola: 63 ml


-Reserve canola oil in the freezer. Take a sauce pan and get water and honey to a boil.
-Add agar agar and saffron mix with a whisk.
-Blend the mixture and sieve it. Cool down and pour into a piping bag.
-Pipe drops of the honey saffron caviar in the olive oil. Sieve the caviar and wash with cold water and reserve for garnish.