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Crème Vanilla Diplomat Éclair

  • La Folie
  • 03 July, 2020

Ingredients for Crème Vanilla Diplomat Éclair:

-Gelatin - 5gms
-Milk - 500 gms
-Cream - 125gms
-Egg yolk - 100gms
-Sugar - 118gms
-Corn flour - 50 gms
-Unsalted butter - 137gms
-Vanilla extract - 3gms
-Vanilla bean - 2gms
-Vanilla powder - 0.5gms
-Mascarpone - 68gms
-Whipping Cream - 40gms


- Infuse the vanilla for at least 12 hours.
- Make the custard base with infused milk/cream, vanilla extract, vanilla powder, egg yolk, sugar and cornflour.
- When is starts boiling, cook for 2-3 mins and turn off the flame. Add the butter and hand blend until smooth.
- Cool it in the fridge till it sets.
- Pour in the whipped cream and mascarpone.
- Fill the éclairs, roll up your sleeves and enjoy!