nachni chips

Nachni Chips

  • Ekahal Account
  • 01 March, 2020

Makes 80 sticks

Ingredients for Nachini Chips:

-Bread flour: 200 g
-Nachni: 300 g
-Salt: 10 g
-Garlic powder: 10 g
-White sesame: 10 g
-Butter: 90 g
-Water: 250 g
-Onion powder: 10 g


-Mix all the ingredients together in a mixer till it forms a dough.
-Rest the dough for half an hour.
-Sheet dough between two pieces of paper till 1.5' on the dough sheeter.
-Cut into triangles & bake at 150c for 10-12 minutes.
-Relish with dips of your choice!

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