healthy butter

Healthy Mixed Seed Butter

  • Ekahal Account
  • 27 March, 2020

Ingredients for Mixed Seed Butter:

-Pumpkin seeds: 336 g
-Sunflower seeds: 336 g
-Chia seeds: 24 g
-Hemp seeds or powder: 20 g
-Sesame: 8 g
-Flax seeds: 14 g
-Sea salt: 2 g
-Coconut sugar or Stevia to sweeten: 40-50 g (or as required)


-Toast all the seeds.
-Grind them together in a home grinder with coconut sugar. (except the chia)
-Lastly, fold in the chia seeds and sea salt and give it a mix.
-Relish your healthy butter on a slice of toasted sourdough or eat it straight from the bottle!

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