Eggless cookie recipe

Eggless Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Cookies

  • Ekahal Account
  • 10 July, 2020

Ingredients for Eggless Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Cookies :

-Dark chocolate: 45g
-Hazelnuts: 45g
-All-purpose flour: 120g
-Ground coffee: 5g
-Baking soda: 3g
-Brown butter: 90g
-Brown sugar: 72g
-Plain sugar: 30g
-Sea salt: 1g + extra to sprinkle


-Cream the semi soft brown butter and both the sugars together.
-Add the sifted flour, coffee and sea salt.
-Knead to make a dough, but make sure not to over-knead it to avoid incorporating air.
-Add the chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, chocolate chips and shape into a large 45g
-50g cookie dough. Press it down on a sheet of baking paper.
-Cool the dough down for ½ hour in fridge before you bake it at 160c for 22-25 mins.