Chocolate modak recipe

Ruby Chocolate and Pistachio Rocher Modak

  • La Folie
  • 21 August, 2020


-Pistachio paste: 35g
-Cocoa butter: 56g
-Milk chocolate (1): 56g
-White chocolate (2): 60g
-Butter: 28g
-Sea salt: 1g
-Garnish & decor
-Ruby chocolate for coating: 600g
-Chopped roasted pistachio: 100g


-Melt both chocolates (1 & 2) and cocoa butter and mix it with the pistachio paste, unsalted butter and sea salt. Fold in the pistachio praline paste.
-Pour the mixture in the moulds and allow it to cool.
-Temper the ruby chocolate and mix with the chopped roasted pistachios.
-Enrobe the cooled rochers and set on a parchment paper. Decorate with silver leaf.

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