mango compote

Chef Sanjana Patel’s Vegan Mango Compote Recipe

  • Ekahal
  • 23 June, 2021

We know mango season is almost out (sigh!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the last of this season’s best. We asked Chef Sanjana Patel to share her favorite mango compote recipe that also happens to be vegan and can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. The last of the season’s mango produce in India are perfect for this recipe. They are a great balance of sweet and tart.

This mango compote is great for garnishing your cakes. You can also add this in between your cake layers for great texture and the colour pops out when you cut through the dessert. Honestly, this very versatile recipe can be used in so many unique, everyday ways. Whether you want to add this on top of your favourite waffles or pancakes or you’re making a mango chia seed pudding, whether it’s your go to granola bowl or you’re looking to elevate your comfort ice cream bowl, we can think of a one too many ways to use this compote!


• Passion fruit puree (RAVIFRUIT) 25gm

• Mango puree (RAVIFRUIT) 150gm

• Cane Sugar 25gm

• Pure Maple Syrup 25gm

• Pectin NH 2 gm or Agar Agar 1gm

• Fresh Mango cubes 3-4 mangoes

• Lime juice 5gm

mango compote recipe 


    • Warm the purees in a sauce pan. Add the cane sugar with pectin and whisk well. Boil for a minute to thicken the compote.
    • Post cooking add the fresh lime juice to set the pectin. Once cooled blend well.
    • Fold in fresh mangoes and reserve for garnishing the cake.

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