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5 Famous Breakfast Recipes

  • La Folie
  • 18 August, 2020

We present you the quick and low-on carbs breakfast recipes. As daunting it may sound, it's quite easy to put together quick breakfast for your family or even if you live all by yourself. So do add the below recipes to your breakfast menu to start a day with delicious and light breakfast.


1) Avocado Toast

This breakfast recipe takes handful ingredients to get started. It's that easy and quick. Additionally, this Avocado toast recipe is the most loved breakfast by many because of how healthy it is and also so yum. Don't believe us? Try yourself

breakfast recipes

Click here for full recipe of Avocado Toast

2) Mixed Seeds and Dry Fruit Florentine Bars

Did any one say chocolate and dry fruits? Well, yes this recipe combines all the wonderful ingredients. Dark chocolates, healthy seeds and dry fruits. What a fun and healthy snack to have. You can also carry this healthy bar anywhere to get rid of your hunger.

Breakfast recipes

Click here for full recipe of Florentine bar 

3) Soufflé Pancake

These Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes will take you to a land of heaven. Garnished with fresh fruits, this beautiful breakfast recipe will make your day. It's an interesting and unique recipe to try.

breakfast recipes

Checkout the full recipe of Souffle Pancake

4) Raw Papaya Salad

Make a tradition to include this in your breakfast recipe atleast once a week. Thai dishes can be some times complicated but this one won't disappoint you. The spicy peanut sauce for dressing does the magic. 

breakfast recipes 

Click here to for the full recipe of Raw Papaya Salad 

5) La Folie Lab Style Waffles

Did you hear the crisp? If not, you'll definitely hear it after trying this breakfast recipe. La Folie's waffle is a combination of classic and brunch staple that no one will resist eating. Make your own waffles for a brilliant breakfast or delicious dessert.

breakfast recipes

Click here for full recipe of La Folie's Waffle

Enjoy your breakfast!

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